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Oh dear …before you know it, your pup has grown into a tangled, mess of a dog, hates the sight of the brush and you are struggling have no hands left!

Want a happier grooming experience?

Give me a call a couple of weeks after the first initial course of vaccinations. So we can book a ‘Get to know me’ session. These are FREE up to the age of 6 months old.

At first puppies are allowed to wander and explore the salon surroundings. While pups’ busy, we can discuss their future needs. Including tips and suggestion on how to make, life easier and enjoyable for home grooming sessions. When your dog is relaxed in this strange new environment and you are too, I’ll begin. The pup will dictate the pace, not me, so if he/she needs more time to settle this is fine.

Styling to your preferences means, if you like him fluffy and are managing to keep the coat tangle free, you don’t have to have a clip at all. A bath/brush-out and dry would be paw-fect. If the tangles are making life difficult, a fur-tastic clip will have your pup looking smart again.

Grooming is about helping you both have a great life together!   

June  ‘So happy ‘ I collected my new puppy today, he is so fluffy and sweet! He is so much fun. I could play with him for hours, everything is play, when I reach for the brush he runs and hides Little Scamp! I was laughing so much it took ages to coax him out from under the bed
July  tried again with the brush. He thinks its     a new toy, started fighting with it and squiggling  
about. Gave up when he started to chew on
my hand, figured it tasted so much nicer
Oh Well….I love him so much…
August  I do not understand, but
I can’t get near him with the brush
under any circumstances. He is looking
really scruffy after the wander on the beach, I wonder if the
brush is hurting him?
September  Yesterday I was really shocked when he
nipped my hand,  Little Demon, he seems to really hate me
when I try to brush him and boy is he looking a real mess.
Full of knots. WHY is he like this? Going to the doctor’s later
my hand is really hurting. Not sure what to do next…     
Extract from a puppy owners blog!
Not a happy start to a new life together !