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and save yourself even more !

Maintain a regular professional grooming schedule.
   A regular grooming schedule and sticking to it,
gives your dog the opportunity to develop a
grooming marvellous relationship!
Each time I groom your dog, I learn about
your pet's habits & quirks.
Your dog also  learns to trust and work with me.
This has a  significant  effect on handling,
time & the mutual co-operation helps  to keep groom
time to a minimum.

Teach your dog to tolerate
handling & grooming.
A home grooming routine has many advantages:
its quality  bonding time with your pet
plus an opportunity to inspect your  dog’s
coat & skin closely.
It'll benefit you financially too – if your dog is      used to being handled & groomed.
       A  professional groom will take less
time because your dog will know the drill.
Maintain your pet's ideal weight.
Like humans, overweight dogs,
can develop preventable medical diseases.
Such as diabetes & joint problems,
Which can compromise health & quality of life.
This in turn, may mean that during grooming, special handling may be needed.
Assistance in standing and/or extra breaks.
In these cases Grooming will take longer than         necessary, and cost YOU more…
       An avoidable COST !!