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Equipment- Most of the preparation of the salon has  been completed using reclaimed items and chosen for  specific lasting qualities. This also applies to the  equipment. Items reclaimed and reinvented have not  therefore added to landfill. Also due to being locally  sourced this has had a great impact on the carbon  footprint of our set-up.

 Waste – All paper and cardboard waste is re-used or  recycled. I have also requested my suppliers to  minimise the packing for sent goods.
 Other waste products like hair clippings are also being  recycled, This is bagged up and offer to local residential  homes. It is hoped that by providing these free, for  nesting wild birds, this will promote and encouraging  bird life and local enjoyment for the community.
Grooming Products – All the grooming products  used in the salon are biodegradable, free from  chemicals and pesticides and made from natural  ingredients. This includes all shampoos and finishing  products.
Noise Reduction – Dog grooming could easily cause  a noise nuisance. To help avoid this I run a 1-2-1  appointment system. This means, that at any one  time, there is only one dog in the salon. The only  exceptions to this are when 'family' members are  booked together. I respectfully ask owners to be  prompt for collection and leaving their dogs. Walking  to the salon is encouraged and to behave in a  environmentally sensitive way, by  offering  biodegradable ‘accident’ bags if needed.
 Advertising – In an effort to reduce the impact of unwanted leafleted advertising has on the environment the  Purple Paw is using the  internet for promoting the business. However, I shall be using targeted marketing  which  will be monitored and assessed. Seasonal  newsletters via email are also available. (Please contact us if  you would like to be included)

 Water Efficiency – I have been awarded a Ripple Certificate which is an in-depth study on using water  effectively in business. This  prompted several measures to effectively use water within The Purple Paw.
 I use a re-circulating system which uses less water per bathing procedure, without losing any of the cleaning  benefits. This not only  saves on water but also excessive use of products, and energy required heating water.
All water is collected and reused to clean the patio area after each dog and during the summer to water the  garden. Also for washing the  car.
A de-humidifier is also used to extract water (also re-used) from the atmosphere, again saving energy on heating.

 Cleaning – All products used to clean the salon are biodegradable. Towels are washed using eco products and  air-dried.
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