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Offering individual 1-2-1 grooming appointments,

Canine massage and Paw-reflexology treatments too!

Your first appointment includes taking a full history of health/behavioural issues such as:

Is your dog nervous? Or are they just new to grooming?

Your dog’s individual likes and dislikes,

Your grooming preferences.

And usual home grooming routines.

This will enable me to tailor an appointment to suit your dog.

Many dogs have special needs, such as an older dog with standing problems or dogs with fear/aggressive issues. These may effect your dogs grooming experience in a busy salon, when there are time constraints.

I am happy to work with you both to improve these situations, with appointments made shorter or broken down into more manageable sessions.  

Or shorter sessions can be spread over a few days to build confidence allowing for a flexible approach and less stressful grooming sessions for your dog.

Working together for the benefit of your pet, makes an enjoyable happy,

lifelong grooming experience for all concerned.


The Purple Paw
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